Families: GWT Thames CSA Pension Record; Grant Parish, La
Submitted by: Mrs. Iva Lea Elliot 3025 Hwy 472 Dry Prong, La

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From: La. State Archives - copies of original documents

George Washington Thomas Thames - Declaration for CSA Pension

(Note: GWT Thames, a CSA veteran, is buried in the Dry Prong Cemetery
with a CSA marker. Following article is a verbatim transcription by
Mrs. Elliot, his great-granddaughter, of some 18 pages of typed and hand-
written records. Page numbers and highlights have been added by Grady
McFarland for clarification.

GWT Thames (May 19 1836-Nov 20 1931) and wife, Elaphair Murphy Thames
(Jan 1841-July 18 1924) ; buried @ Dry Prong Cem; had 11 children that
married into these Grant Parish family groups: Youngblood, Pennington,
Sandford, Carson, Smith, Deen, Slayter, Gore and Seals.)

Page 1: 5-13-1904
and May 9, 1900.
State of Louisiana, County of Grant, ss:

On this 13th day of May, A.D. one thousand nine hundred and four personally
appeared before me, a Notary Public within and for the County and State
aforesaid, George W.J. Thames, aged 68 years, a resident of the neighborhood
of Dry Prong P.O., County of Grant State of Louisiana, who being duly sworn
according to law, declares that he was a private in Co. B, Regt. 1st Fla
Vols. Cav. having enlisted in Dec 1863.

That he has not been employed in the military or Naval service otherwise
as stated above. That he did not serve prior to Dec 1863 nor since 1864.
And he also believes himself to be entitled to a further increase of pension
on account of the following disabilities for which he has not heretofore
been pensioned, lame leg, catarac, bronchitis, impaired vision, piles and
lung trouble.

Also by reason of infirmities of age, being born on the 19 day of May 1836
is entitled to rating under order of Commissioner of March 16, 1904.

That said disabilities are not the result of his vicious habits and are to
the best of his knowledge permanent in character; that he appoints T. W.
Tallmadge, of Washington. D.C. his true and lawful attorney to prosecute his
claim. That his Post-Office address is Dry Prong, County of Grant, State of

                                              George W. Thames
                                              ( his mark )
Attest: M. Nugent & J. M. Brian
( their signatures )

Page 2:
Also personally appeared M Nugent, residing at Pollock Grant Parish La and
J M Brian residing at Pollock Grant Parish La, persons whom I certify to be
respectable and entitled to credit, and who, being by me duly sworn, say they
were present and saw George W. T. Thames, the claimant, sign his name, (or
make his mark) to the foregoing declaration; that they have every reason to
believe from the appearance of said claimant and their acquaintance with him
for 8 years and 16 years respectively, that he is the identical person he
represents himself to be; and that they have no interest in the prosecution
of this claim.

                                         M Nugent & J.M. Brian
                                         ( their signatures )

Sworn to and Subscribed Before Me, this 13th day of May, A.D. 1904 and I
hereby certify that the contents of the foregoing declaration &c. were
fully made known and explained to the applicant and witnesses before
wearing, including that on line 6 to from in line 8 erased, and that I have
no interest, direct or indirect, in the prosecution of this claim.

                           Official Signature: W. Guynes
                           Official Character: Notary Public

Stamp at bottom notes: Filed by T.W. Talmadge May 21 1904

Page 3:
Department of the Interior  Office of Special Examiner  U. S. Bureau of
Pensions  Notice of Special Examination
At near Dry Prong Grant Co., La October 6, 1903

Case of George T Thomas,  No. 1197372
To  George T Thomas, Claimant

You are hereby notified that, by order of the Commissioner of Pensions, the
undersigned will on the 6th day of October, A.D. 1903 and continuing as long
as may be necessary, near Dry Prong, County of Grant and State of La, and
elsewhere if necessary, conduct a special examination of the aforesaid
pension claim, at which time and place all available and material witnesses
will be heard.

And you are further notified that you have the privilege of being present,
in person or by attorney, during said special examination, and of cross-
examining said witnesses and of introducing any material evidence on your own
behalf if you so desire.

                                 S.S. Galiher  Special Examiner

I acknowledge service of copy of above notice this 6th day of October, 1903.
Attest: Elephair Thames (signature)   George T Thames (his mark)

Page 4: Deposition
Case of George T Thomas   No. 1197372

On this 6th day of October 1903 at near Dry Prong, County of Grant, State of
La, before me, S.S. Galiher a special examiner of the Bureau of Pensions,
personally appeared George W T Thames, who, being by be first duly sworn
to answer truly all interrogatories propounded to him during this special
examination of aforesaid claim for pension, deposes and says: I am 67 years
of age; my post-office address is Dry Prong, La.

I was born in Lincoln County Ga and I was taken to Dale County Ala when I
was five years of age.

I lived there until I was twenty one years of age, at which age I enlisted
into Company D 33 Alabama Inf.

I had been an enlisted man about two weeks when the Navy Yard at Barancas,
Florida was bombarded and we all went to Montgomery Al, and from Montgomery I
was given leave to go home as I had the measles. I went back to Dale Co.,
near Daleville.

After I got able to do anything the conscript officer conscripted me and
carried me off to Camp Watts, Ga. I was examined at this place and not found
fit for duty and I was advised to return to my home.

I remained at home for about two months, went to Florida, worked on a mill
there and was again conscripted and taken to Pollard, Ala.

I was in Company B 1 Fla Inf. for about 5 months. I was sent off on a ten

Page 5: Deposition continued

days detail to the Perdido River Ala. While on this detail I became involved
in trouble with our lieutenant and was tried by court martial, and condemmed
to be shot, but escaped to the Union army at Barancas, Florida.

I escaped from the Confederates on the 11th day of December 1863 and reached
the Yankees at Barancas Fla in about ten days later.

I reached there in the morning and I enlisted that evening about three or
four oclock.

The name of the Captain at the time that I enlisted was John Sanders.
Rowley was 1st lieutenant, and after the death of Sanders as he was killed,
he became Captain. Lieut Helt superintended two companies.

Allen Campbell was my 1st sergeant. Robert Allseybrook and Thomas Pittman were
corporals of my company.

I served in the Union Army between 14 and 15 months and I was at the Navy
Yard when I was furloughed, and soon after I was furloughed my company was
ordered to Tallehasse to be discharged.

I was a married man while I was in the Union Army, we had a child that was sick,
my wife being with me at the time and I got a furlough in order to
take care for this child.

I went to East Pass, Florida when I had the furlough, and from there I went
to Walton County, Fla, and I was not with my company when it was mustered
out of the service.

I started to return to my company three days before my furlough expired and
met the soldiers about twenty miles from where I left them and they told me

Page 6: Deposition continued
that it was no use for me to go there as they were all gone.

James Bolton, James Duncan, James McClellan, Jack Cutts, James Gascon, Bud
Cutrell, Fletcher Wilkinson, John Harrison, James Burkett, Alec Burkett,
Allen Campbell, Duncan McClellan and Isom Braxton were members of my
company, whom I am now able to recollect.

Since you ask me the question I do know that there was a John Bolton in the
company and that he was a brother to James Bolton.

There were five of the McClellan boys in my company. There were two of
the Wilkinson boys, the one I have named and John Wilkinson.

Since you ask me the question, I do remember Joe Chestnut of my company.

My father's name was Thomas Jefferson Thames and my name before I entered
the army was George Washington Thomas Thames. When I enlisted in the Federal
Army I gave my name George T Thomas. The reason I gave my name George T
Thomas was because my life was at stake if I had been captured by the

Page 7: Deposition continued

While I lived in Walton County, Florida, before I came here I knew many of
my comrades who served in the same company with me, but I do not know one
who lives in this state.

When I made my claim for pension and had to furnish the testimony of men
who knew me while in the service I went back to Florida Walton Co. and got
the testimony of Silas Murphy and Robert Alsobrook that they knew me
while in the service.

Here is a daguerretype of my wife and child that was taken while I was a
member of company B 1 Fla Cav, and it was taken at Woolsey, Florida. I am
willing for you to take this picture to be shown to members of my company
in order that they may identify me, if it will be returned.

While I was on furlough my company was moved from Navy Yard at Barancas
to Tallehasse, Florida and I had learned of this move and I was making my
way to Tallehasse when I met the soldiers saying it was no use for me to
go there as they had all gone.

I knew three of the McClellan boys in my company and these boys told me
that they had two younger brothers at home.

(Florida was erased and at, Ga and was were interlined and later written
at the end of the line in the presence of deponent and before signing.)

I have heard my statement read and my answers have been correctly recorded.

Attest: Mamie Thames                 George T. Thames  his mark

Sworn to and subscribed before me on this 6th day of October 1903, and I
certify that the contents were fully made known known to the deponent and
before signing.

                                   S.S. Galiher  Special Examiner

Page 8:
Department of the Interior  Bureau of Pensions
Washington, DC  August 10, 1903

Index Sheet. Claim No. 1197372, New Law, George W.T. Thames
Service: Co. B 1 Fla Cav.

Name and PO address: Claimant; Date of filing May 21 1904; Declaration

Page 9: Spl. Ex. Ordered by Bd. of Rev.
Sur. Orig. No. 1197372  George W.T. Thames alias Thomas Co B 1 Regt Fla Cav
P.O. Iatt, La  Enlisted Dec 25, 1863  Discharged  Aug. 1, 1865

Chief, Record Division: Please furnish the names and post-office addresses
of officers and comrades of Co B, 1 Regt Fla Cav.
                                        J F Engle
                                Acting Chief, Southern Div.
(Following list of names on this page)
John Bolton - Pvt - Portland, Walton Co, Fla
Isom Braxton - Pvt - Bowles, Conecuh Co, Ala
Allen Campbell - Sgt - Laurelhill, Walton Co, Fla
Joseph Chestnut - Pvt - same address
James F Heathcock - Pvt - Ollie, Monroe Co, Ala
Alexander McClelland - Sgt - Heidelberg, Jasper Co, Miss
August McClelland - Pvt - same address
Archibald Smith - Pvt - Newell, Santa Rosa Co, Fla
Edwd J Soulsby - Sgt - Winthrop, Little River, Ark
Jesse Thompson - Pvt - Limestone, Walton Co, Fla
James H. Turner - Cpl - Milligan, Santa Rosa Co, Fla
John J Wilkinson - Pvt - same address

Respectfully returned to Chief, Southern Division, with the desired
information as far as known.
                                   G C Kniffen Chief, Record Division

Page 10: INDEX to Special Examiner's Report
Claim of George W. Thames alias George T. Thames No. 1197372

Pages 1 to 2: Index, Summary, Notice to Claimant, Claimant's Statement
Page 3. Isom Braxton, letter, Exhibit A
Page 4. Joseph Chestnut, letter,  "   B
Page 5. Archibald Smith, letter,   "  C
Page 6. John Bolton, letter,       "  D
Page 7. Allen Campbell, letter,    "  E
Page 8. James F. Turner, letter,   "  F
Page 9. John J. Wilkinson, letter, "  G
Page 10. Silas Murphy, letter returned, " H

Page 11: Letter of Isom Braxton
Bureau of Pensions, Office of Special Examiner, Mobile, Ala Mar 31, 1904
Case No. 1,197,372  George W Thames, alias Thomas  Co B. 1st Fla Cav

P.O. address: Isom Braxton  Bowles Conecuh Co. Ala
Sir: -
Please answer the following questions with regard to the pension case above
Noted. Please answer at once, and transmit your reply in the inclosed
Envelope, which does not require postage. (Leighton Hope Special Examiner )
Q. Do you remember the soldier Geo. W. Thomas? Yes he belong to the ---? -
Q. Did you know him prior to service? No
Q. Have you known him since discharge? No
Q. If you know, where did he live before service? No
Q. Give me his personal description prior to and at the time of enlistment?
In the spaces left in the answer.
He was 5 ft 3 or 4 inches high; weight 140 or 150 pounds, age 25 or 30
years; complexion dark; hair dark; eyes no; was he married or single? Do not know.

Page 12: Letter of Joseph Chestnut Laurel Hill, Fla
This page has same wording as page 11 on heading/questions.
Q. Do you remember the soldier Geo. W. Thomas? Yes
Rest of questions answered No or do not know.

Page 13: Letter of Archibald Smith Novell Santa Rosa Co Fla
Same questions/wording as prior. He answered No or do not remember.

Page 14: Letter of John Bolton Portland Fla
Same questions. Answers No or do not remember.

Page 15: Letter of Allen Campbell  Laurel Hill Fla
Same questions. Same response.

Page 16: Letter of James H Turner  Milligan, Fla
Same questions. Same response.

Page 17: Letter of John J Wilkinson  Milligan, Ala
Same questions. He states; I do well remember him.

Page 18: Letter of Silas Murphy
Same questions. No answers noted.

Page 19: Letter of Leighton Hope to Bureau of Pensions
Case No. 1,197,372  George W Thames, alias George T Thomas
Sir: -
I have the honor to render this a partial report in the case above
noted. It came to the field to determine the identity of the claimant with
the soldier. It came to me for evidence upon that point.

I submit this partial report since I have been ordered to turn case over
to Spec. Exr. Bridges at Pensacola Fla. Inquiries addressed to all comrades,
bring out the replies submitted herein.

Letter to Silas Murphy at DeFuniak Springs Fla., is returned unanswered,
but I am advised that he lives somewhere near Limestone Fla. Walton Co.
                                       Leighton Hope

This concludes the archive file record on GWT Thames pension record.