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Official Plat Map: 1857 Original Plat of T 05N R01E, NRR

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Original Plat of Township 5N, Range 1E, North of Red River. ;  The west boundary of the township were surveyed by John Livermore, Deputy Surveyor in January 1817:   South, East, and North boundaries by Charles Defremee(sp), Deputy Surveyor in January 1814.    All the sectional lines were surveyed by Kenneth McCrummen, Deputy Surveyor in December 1824.
Land plats show Matthew Nugent, Edmund Nugent, Thomas Nugent, Thomas Swafford, Robert Sandifer, John Young, Michael Lacroix and McCuin Barrow property lines. This map was signed on the 14th of March, 1857.

  • US Tract Book, Volume 28, p30 - Monroe District lists property for Thomas Nugent and Edmond Nugent. This is a 530 KB file in JPG format.

    Depositions of neighbors are listed below:

  • Deposition of Matthew Nugent relative to the claim of the heirs of Isaac Frazier:
    This deponent, being first sworn, deposes and says that about seven or eight years ago, Isaac Frazier, father of the claimants, built a mill and cleared about one and half or two acres of some land and that about two years after, he died, and his widow enjoyed the benefit of it until it was destroyed by flood. Shortly after the death of the said Isaac Frazier, Benjamin Miller, who had been appointed guardian to the children moved on the land and has continued to live there ever since.
    25th December 1806. Matthew Nugent.
  • Deposition of Benjamin Miller relative to the claim of the heirs of Isaac
    Frazier: The heirs of Isaac Frazier claim six hundred and forty acres of land lying on the Bayou Fragon (sic), by virtue of a settlement made by the said Isaac Frazier. The said tract of land was settled eight or nine years ago, and has been occupied ever since for the benefit of the heirs ever since the death of their father, which happened about five or six years ago.
  • Deposition of Robert Sandifer relative to the claim of the heirs of Isaac
    Frazier for the Spanish Grant in Rapides Parish on Bayou Flagon. This deponent, being first sworn, deposeth and saith that the land claimed was settled in the year 1802 by Benjamin Miller, who has resided on it ever since. The improvements consist of 15 or 20 acres of cleared land, several cabins and a mill.
    Signature - Robert Sandifer.
  • Olivia Frazier claims six hundred and forty acres of land lying on Bayou Flagon in the county of Rapides - by virtue of settlement made under the second act of congress.
  • Deposition of Benjamin Miller relative to the claim of Olivia Frazier:
    This deponent being first sworn deposes and says that the claimant, Olivia Frazier (with her husband) settled on the land claimed 8 or 9 years ago, and actually resided and cultivated a crop on the same in the year 1803, they had an improvement of 19 or 20 acres of land cleared and a good log house.
    25 February 1806 - Benj. Miller.
  • Deposition of Benjamin Miller relative to the claim of McCuin Barrow:
    The deponent being first sworn deposeth and saith that early in the year 1803, the claimant McCuin Barrow, with his family settled on the land claimed, and cleared there on four or five acres which he cultivated in corn. He continued to live on the said land until some time after Christmas when his wife died and then moved off the land. The next year he cultivated a small crop on the land and has since that had a tenant on it.
    26th Feb. 1806 - Benj. Miller.
    The land claims were confirmed by Act of Congress on Nov 3, 1807.

    Louisiana Territory had been purchased by the United States from France by treaty signed on Apr. 30, 1803. In 1806, there were still a few problems with Spain sending troops into the territory to make new posts and establish new settlements. You can read an example of the problem from two pages of the American State Papers from the links below:

    Natchitoches, Feb 8, 1806          Natchitoches, Feb 6, 1806

  • Information on Matthew Nugent born about 1724 in the Brunswick area of North Carolina.

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